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What people around the world eat and drink

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World's best food:
Aubergine-based dishes Barbecue dishes Beans-based dishes
Beef and veal dishes Biscuits and cookies Breads
Breakfasts Cabbage-based dishes Cereals and porridge
Cheeses Condiments and spices Cured meats
Delicacies Desserts and candies Dips
Dumplings Fast food Fish and seafood dishes
Garnishes and side dishes Grilled dishes Lamb, mutton, horse meat, and venison dishes
Meals and platters Minced meat dishes Pancakes
Pasta and noodles Pies and pastries Pork dishes
Potato-based dishes Poultry dishes Rice-based dishes
Salads Sandwiches Sausages
Soups Stews Stuffed vegetable dishes
World's best drinks:
Bitters and digestives Cocktails / mixed drinks Coffees
Dessert wines Liqueurs Low alcohol drinks
Soft drinks   Spirits


World's best food

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World's best drinks