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Ulster Fry

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An Ulster Fry is a dish similar to the Irish fry or the Full English breakfast, and is popular throughout Ulster (hence the name).

Left: A full Ulster Fry served in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

A traditional Ulster Fry consists of bacon, eggs, sausages (either pork or beef), the farl form of soda bread (the farl split in half crossways to expose the inner bread and then fried with the exposed side down), potato bread and wheaten farl (though often sliced wheaten bread is used as the farl form is increasingly hard to find).

Other common components include mushrooms, baked beans or pancake. All this is traditionally fried, however in recent decades, people have taken to grilling the ingredients instead.

The Ulster Fry is often served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in households and cafés around the province. Emigrants have also popularised the serving of an Ulster Fry outside Northern Ireland.

The usual accompaniment is strong Tea, which will typically be a blend which is Assam-rich.


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