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Shashlik or Shishlyk (Hebrew: Shishlyk שישליק, Persian: Šišlik شیشلیک , Bulgarian: , Russian: , from Crimean Tatar Şışlıq) - Turkic way of grilling meat, popular in India, Israel and Russia. This form of skewered dish is popular throughout Israel, the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria and Mongolia.

Left: Shashlik.

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The largest shashlik in the world was 120 meters long; called the Shashlik of Friendship, it was cooked in April 2009 in Cherkessk, Russia. It took approximately 400 kg of meat to cook this shashlik.

Left: A record-breaking shashlik.

Usually the meat for shashlik is marinated. Marinating meat is one of the best ways to give it more flavour and to tenderize it at the same time. We explain how to marinate meat below.

How to Marinate Meat

Trim the meat so that it's ready for cooking. You shouldn't have to cut or trim the meat after it's been marinated. You can mix together the marinade according to its recipe and then combine the meat and marinade  or you can do it this way:


800 g

Onion sliced


Curry powder

2 tbsp

White wine 100 g
Olive oil 100 g

1 tbsp

Take the meat and place in a  nonreactive, sealed container. Make especially sure not to use aluminium or cast iron, and try to avoid metal altogether, if possible.


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 Put same salt, curry powder and sliced onion. Mix together:


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And them mix all liquid ingredients (Notice whether the marinade contains these three key ingredients: acid (such as wine, lemon juice or vinegar), salt or alcohol. Each one reduces the amount of time the meat should marinate). Then add the liquid to the meat. Immediately place the container in the refrigerator. Never marinate meat at room temperature:


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When ready to cook, be sure to treat the marinated meat with the same care you would treat any raw meat.


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