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Turkey with mlinci

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Mlinci (pasta tatters) is a dish in Croatian and Slovenian cuisine. It is a thin dried flatbread which is easy to prepare - just pour boiled water over it and salt to taste. Before served, it can also be quickly fried in turkey/duck/goose fat from the roasted poultry.

Left: Turkey with Mlinci.

Turkey with mlinci is a renowned Croatian folk-cuisine specialty, especially in Zagorje and Slavonija. In Slovenia, duck or goose with mlinci is traditionally eaten on St. Martin's Day.

Turkey with Mlinci Recipe


Tip: You may prepare mlinci several days in advance. Store mlinci in a cloth bag, close the bag and store in a dry place. Prepare them just before sitting down to the meal.

  For Mlinci:
  1. Prepare a dough from flour and lukewarm salted water. The dough should not be too firm in consistency. Knead well.

  2. Divide the dough into 4 5 lumps. Roll each one out into a round shape, not too thin. Bake each piece separately over a hot grid in the oven.

For Turkey:

  1. Rub salt and vegeta to taste into the turkey and leave it to rest overnight.

  2. Before roasting, brush with oil and place it in a roasting pan to which you have added a little water. Place the roasting pan into a heated oven and bake slowly. Roast the turkey slowly, basting it in its own juice for about 3 hours, until the meat is tender (temperature should be between 350 F and 400 F).

For Mlinci:
350 g (12 oz) flour
For Turkey:
1 turkey
  Salt to taste
1 cup water
  (Vegeta to taste )

Before serving:

1. Leave the roasting juice in the roasting pan, remove the fat, place mlinci into the pan, mix and bake briefly.
2. Arrange the turkey and mlinci on a large plate, garnish and serve.



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