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Matzoun (Matson or Matsoni) or Caspian Sea yoghurt (Armenian: մածուն, Georgian: მაწონი, Russian: мацони) is a yoghurt-like dairy product. It is started with Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris and Acetobacter orientalis species and has a viscous, honey-like texture. It is milder in taste than other varieties of yoghurts since it has less sour and alcohol. It supposedly originated from ancient Georgia and later propagated to many neighbor countries, e.g. Armenia.

Left: Traditional jar of Matsoni (Georgia).

Matsoni is made from cow's milk (mostly), goat's milk, sheep's milk, or a mix of them and a culture from previous productions.

Matsoni is called "Caspian Sea Yogurt" in Japan, where soy milk is sometimes added to the milk.


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