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Kasha is a cereal product commonly eaten in Eastern Europe. In English, kasha generally refers to buckwheat groats, but in Slavic countries, kasha refers to porridge in general, and can be made from any cereal, especially buckwheat, wheat, barley, oats, and rye.

Left: Buckwheat kasha.

It is one of the oldest known dishes in the Slavic cuisines of the Eastern European cuisine, at least a thousand years old.

The word "kasha" in modern American English is commonly restricted to roasted whole-grain buckwheat or buckwheat oats. It is a common filling for a knish. This usage probably originated with Jewish immigrants.

The centrality of kasha in the traditional Eastern European diet is commemorated in the Russian proverb "щи да каша Ч пища наша", literally "shchi and kasha are our food" and more loosely, "cabbage soup and porridge are all we need to live on."


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