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Churrasco is a Portuguese and Spanish term referring to beef or grilled meat more generally.

Left: Typical Brazilian churrasco. From left to right and down, fraldinha, picanha, chicken heart, sausages, bread with garlic sauce, sliced picanhas with garlic and chicken legs.

Differing across Latin America and Europe, churrasco is a principal ingredient in the cuisines of Argentina, Brazil, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries.

A Churrascaria is a restaurant serving grilled meat, many offering as much as you can eat: the waiters move around the restaurant with the skewers, slicing meat onto the client's plate.

In Brazil, churrasco is the term for a barbecue (similar to the Argentine, Uruguayan, and Chilean asado) which originated in southern Brazil. Brazilian churrasco contains a variety of meats which may be cooked on a purpose-built "churrasqueira", a grill or barbecue, often with supports for spits or skewers. Portable "churrasqueiras" are similar to those used to prepare the Argentine and Uruguayan asado, with a grill support, but many Brazilian "churrasqueiras" do not have grills, only the skewers above the embers. The meat may alternatively be cooked on large metal or wood skewers resting on a support or stuck into the ground and roasted with the embers of charcoal or wood.


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