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Bramboráky (regionally called cmunda or vošouch in Pilsen and "strik" or "striky" in Czech Silesia) are fried pancakes made of rough-grated or fine-grated raw potatoes (brambory in Czech), flour, milk and sometimes sliced sausages (although this is not common, because bramboráky are usually intended to be a vegetarian meal) or sauerkraut.

Left: Fried bramboráky.

They are spiced with marjoram, salt, pepper, and garlic and usually sized to fit the cooking dish. Smaller variants are often eaten as a side dish.

There is a similar dish from the Slovakian-Ruthenian borderland called harula, which is prepared with less milk and fat, and an addition of an onion. Harula are baked on tin in an oven instead of frying.


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