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Bing (Chinese flatbread)

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Bing is a Chinese term used to describe wheat flour based Chinese foods with a flattened or disk-like shape. These foods may resemble the flatbreads, pancakes, unleavened dough foods, of non-Chinese and western cuisines.

Left: Bing (Chinese flatbread).

Indeed, many of them are similar to the Indian roti, French crepes, or Mexican tortilla, while others are more similar to Western cakes and cookies.

Bings are usually a casual food and generally eaten for lunch, however, they can also be incorporated into formal meals. Both Peking duck and moo shu pork are rolled up in thin wheat flour bao bing with scallions and sweet bean sauce or hoisin sauce. Bing are commonly cooked on a skillet or griddle though some are baked.

Bings are also eaten in Korean culture, the most common being jian bing, which are consumed together with seafood.


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