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Almond biscuit

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Almond biscuit (also called almond cake or almond cookie) is a type of Chinese pastry. The biscuit is one of the most standard pastries in Hong Kong, and can also be found in some Chinatown bakery shops overseas. Most that are sold overseas are imported from Macau.

Left: Almond biscuits.

The biscuits are small with no filling by default. It is also crunchy, sometimes crumbling on first bite.

In Macau the snack has been one of the most popular specialty products. Especially near the Cathedral of St. Paul, streets are packed with 10 to 20 stores all selling different flavors of almond biscuits next to one another. Hawkers line up on the street to push the merchandise. For tourists, the biscuit itself is considered an attraction. Koi Kei almond cookies are one of the famous brands from Macau.


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